Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SoCal, group and Labor day specials

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in so long. I've taken a bunch of time off, traveled and spent time with family.  I'm actually spending the rest of August in Southern California, primarily San Diego and Orange County, and figured I would let people know that I'll be somewhat open for business during the rest of this trip. I'm only planning on working a day or two a week the next two weeks.  

In that regard, I'm offering a three-for-two special for this weekend, next week, and the week after (through Thursday). Three in a group, for a two hour session, for the price of a two person group/two hour session.  Pretty good deal. The actual rate is dependent upon VIP/Exec VIP/Emperor, so email for details.

Also, for Labor Day, I'll be back in Phoenix, as I needed to take care of some business, and am taking reservations for the weekend. I'm actually going to work Fri-Mon, and first bookings go to anyone wanting full-day/night or multiple day/night sessions, or those booking full day/night group sessions. 

Lastly, I've updated my activities and fetish pages. Please take a look and email with any questions.

xxx ooo

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WM Open Special

I'm old school Phoenix, so it's hard not to call it the Phoenix Open, but whatevs. So I've decided to run a couple specials. I'm calling it my Three-Holes-in-One special. Cute, huh?  In actuality, there's three specials to choose from:

Three-Holes-in-One Special#1: Pay for a two-hour session, and get a three-hour. Yes, I'm throwing in the extra hour free. My standard 3 hour VIP session would normally be 1100, but next week during the Open, you can get it for 800. So, three holes, three hours. Pretty good price if you ask me at less than 300 an hour.The same deal would go for the Exec VIP, normally 1800, but for next week, 1400. Lastly, it would also work for my Emperors package (for those of you in the know). I don't normally offer it for less than 3 hours, but rather than the normal 2500, we can do 1800.

Three-Holes-in-One Special #2: Pay normal donation next week for any Exec VIP session, you can get a second session anytime the rest of February (that is to say, February 6th through 29th) at the VIP rate. So, two hours for 1400 or three for 1800 next week, you can do a second Exec VIP the rest of the month at 1100 or 800. 

Three-Holes-in-One Special #3: What's any golf related promotion without some kind of foursome offer. So, for you and up to three horny friends, you can get a three hour VIP session for 1100 for the first guy, and 200 for each additional. So, four of you would be 1700 for the three hours. Exec VIP is 1400 for the first, and 300 for each additional (2300). And yes, while I don't normally do Emperor in multiples, next week only, 3 hours for 2500 for the first, and 500 for each additional (4000). 

Contact me with any questions, or to book. Remember, same day is rarely available, particularly for Exec VIP. Hope to hear from you soon!
XXX OOO (always triple X, always three holes) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Concierge GF service

I'm introducing a new service to interested clients, as a concierge girlfriend. I can provide all of the benefits of having a girlfriend, without any of the hassles, and we can make that experience customized and unique depending on what you are looking for.  Think of this similar to a normal GFE escort service, with a longer-term commitment.  We would see each other regularly, with some predictability as to timing.  You pay a set monthly rate, and in exchange receive a set amount of my time each month.  I've already got a couple clients that are doing this, and I think it's worked well for both parties.  Shoot me a message at for more info.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Guys wanted!

I'm trying to set up a hardcore cuckold fantasy session for a client in a week or so, and am looking for anywhere from 4 to 8 guys. You must be clean, and will need to be tested 3 days before session.  Must be able to perform in front of others, and not be afraid of male contact.  Email me for more info. Costs of testing will be reimbursed by client.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bareback and high donation rates

So lately, I've gotten a decent amount of flack, first for the services I offer, and second for the amount of the donations. I thought I would at least attempt to explain myself and address both of these concerns.  I do think, though, that both are related, so it's practically impossible to address either as a standalone issue.  

With respect to the services, specifically those which I will refer to as the Exec VIP services:
I'd first like to offer up a little of my background, in case you think I am a clueless, high school dropout. I actually have both a Bachelors and Masters degree in business, and currently work for a law firm.  It was in fact my background in business that led me to the decision to offer these types of services.  I saw a gap in the market, and through talking to some of my clients once I had gotten established, it became evident that there were occasionally girls who would offer these types of BB services, but the ones who did were never the ones a guy would want to do that with (i.e., it was those who were desperate for a little extra cash and were offering sub-200 services to begin with).  What was also evident, is that those clients/hobbyists who were truly interested in these services, were not only willing to pay quite a bit for it, but also, take some comfort in the fact that these are fairly exclusive services that most men wouldn't even consider paying.  

While I frequently get inquiries about same day appointments, lunch quickies, etc., that's not the business I am in.  I only occasionally run ads on the common listing services, typically when I am visiting another city.  I have a very stable group of clients, who know my schedule, how to get a hold of me, and know what to expect when they see me, and know that I know what they want as well.

As for the health-related aspects of this, I can assure you, I get tested more frequently than a girl you would meet at a club, and more frequently than what is required of adult performers.  Further, I require that my clients who want to experience these services do the same.  Each week, I do the HIV-DNA testing, along with a full STD screen that includes herpes, hepatitis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis.  I require anyone seeing me to have a current screen as well for the same, which must be within 3 days.  

And again, by setting my donations high, the types of clients I see provide some additional assurances regarding their status with respect to these.  

So, you may be asking, why would a guy jump through all of these hoops when he could just go to a club, or, god forbid, just do the same thing with his wife, fiance or girlfriend.  That's a great question, and while the club answer can also be addressed through the aforementioned risks of STDs, I believe what also differentiates me from your wife, your girlfriend or just a random hookup is that the world has gotten porn-ified.  If a guy is watching a porn clip on his computer, and sees a guy pounding away at a girl's ass, then going straight to an ATM, before coming back and unloading in her rear, there's usually some part of him that says, "OMG I have to try that."  Now, for the probably 1% of guys whose wives or girlfriends are all about it, they are in luck. For the rest, it's usually a fantasy unfulfilled.  That is unless, they find a provider who can offer that proper porn experience for a price.  So, there you have it.

Now for those who think the donations are too high, and if they only want a BJ, why should they pay for everything else?  Not only is that not the type of client I'm interested in, but there's also the issue of opportunity cost...  by seeing them, I'm potentially giving up the opportunity to see the client who wants my full suite of services.  And, I do in fact enjoy my personal life and my free time.  

Hope this makes sense to everyone.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Twitter feed!

I've decided to start using twitter. It's quite fun.  You can follow me at!/nikkilikesit

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank you Dallas!

Thank you to everyone I saw in Dallas, I had a great time, and thanks for your southern hospitality.  I'm sorry to everyone I wasn't able to see (including those I had to cancel on at the end of the week after my overindulgent Wednesday night). I had such a great time, that I promise to come back soon.